Changyu Dongtian is higher in the West and lower in the East, and gradually extends into the East China Sea from the west to the East. There are plain, low mountain, high hill, daiqiu, platform, coast, island, beach and other landforms, mainly plain

Changyu Dongtian scenic area is the last part of Yandang Mountain in the north. The elevation of the mountains is about 150 meters, which belongs to low hills. "Jiaqing Taiping County records and opinions 3" contains: "the island is not very big and most famous, and shicang, Huangjian or collectively referred to as" Changyu " Changyu is named after a long and narrow island on the sea because of the winding wind. The total area of the scenic spot is 16.18 square kilometers, which is composed of four scenic spots: Baxianyan, shuangmen cave, Chongguo temple and Yeshan mountain. Among them, Baxianyan and shuangmen cave are mainly cave group landscapes. Changyu Dongtian group is a landscape left after artificial mining of slate since the South and North Dynasties. It has a history of more than 1500 years

Overview of the scenic spot

History and culture

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